Welcome Wisconsin Admins!

This wiki is used by the #WIAmigos (Curt, Jessica, Jay and Matt) as they present at AWSA conferences). Whichever session you are attending, you can always come back to this wiki to find information on many other web 2.0 tools to continue your learning.

A Little Birdie Told Me: The Why's and How's of Twitter

Have you wondered what this Twitter thing is all about? How can something named Twitter be a serious tool to help me as a professional? Maybe you have started a Twitter account, but don't think it's worth your time. Having a Professional Learning Network through Twitter is a great way to learn from others, exchange ideas on a local and global level, share resources, showcase events about your school/district, and get instant feedback. The presenters, three school Wisconsin principals, (who only know each other through Twitter) will get you started on Twitter and show you how valuable this social network can be for educators. To fully benefit from this session, it is recommended that attendees bring a device with wifi access. It is also recommended to create a Twitter account before hand (although not necessary).

Presented February 4, 2013 at the 2013 AWSA Elementary Principals Conference

This session's main resources:
Why Twitter is Like a Radio (YouTube)
Getting Started on Twitter Checklist
Twitter Handbook for Teachers
Wisconsin Educators List
ASCD Article: Building a PLN to Save You From Admin Island

Principal 2.0: The Connected Administrator
Are you worried that your students know more than you do about Internet tools and social media? Chances are if you’re not a connected administrator, then your personal learning network (the people you learn from and with) consists of a handful of people. In this session you will be introduced to several online tools that will help you to build your personal learning network (PLN) for 24/7 professional development so that you can be the Lead Learner in your building and use effective PR/communication for your school. Warning: Be prepared to continue learning every day after this session, because once you’re connected the learning never stops! To fully benefit from this session, it is recommended that attendees bring a device with wifi access. Web 2.0 Tools to be introduced: Twitter, Google Docs, Google Reader, Blogging, YouTube

Presented October 16, 2012 at the Association for Wisconsin School Administrators annual convention

*We will never be able to fully cover all of these web 2.0 tools in a one hour session, but we hope to equip you with the online resources to keep learning on your own. Please connect with us on twitter or email after the session with any questions you may have.

A great book on this topic is Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education by Will Richardson and Rob Mancabelli.

This session's main resources:
Introduction: Principal 2.0 Prezi
Google Doc: Getting Started on Twitter
Website: Getting Started with Google Blogger
Google Doc: Getting Started with Google Reader
Google Doc: Getting Started with Google Drive
(You can find a wealth of additional resources on our other wiki pages to the side)

Your presenters are

Jessica Johnson, principal at Dodgeland Elementary in Juneau
email: johnsonj@dodgeland.k12.wi.us
blog: http://principalj.blogspot.com
Twitter: @PrincipalJ

Jay Posick, principal at Merton Intermediate in Merton
email: posickj@merton.k12.wi.us
blog: http://jayposick.blogspot.com/
Twitter: @posickj

Curt Rees, principal at Northern Hills Elementary in Onalaska
email: reecu@mail.onalaska.k12.wi.us
blog: www.curtrees.com
Twitter: @WiscPrincipal

Matt Renwick, principal at Howe Elementary in Wisconsin Rapids
email: matthew.renwick@wrps.net
blog: http://howeprincipal.wordpress.com
Twitter: @HowePrincipal