YouTube is an easy and effective way to share what is going on at your school with parents who may not be able to come through your doors on a regular basis. It's also a great way to share information with your staff and students. You don't need expensive equipment or professional editing abilities to do this You just need a concise message highlighting all the positive events from your school community.

Check out this YouTube channel from Northern Hills Elementary(Curt's school).

The video below is how we share weekly announcements. The students record everything on an iPad, and then get a little help from our LMC Director with editing using the Pinnacle app.

Jessica's school created this clip to inform teachers, parents and school board members about Daily 5/Cafe for literacy:

Jessica created a video of the Open House Parent Presentation for parents to view online after:

This channel is from Yeshiva High School. See how they use YouTube to make connections with families who may not be able to attend various events from school.

If you'd like to learn more about using social media to connect with your school community, please check out the book Communicating & Connecting With Social Media. It is 90 pages full of clear and practical information.


Flipped Meetings

Matt flipped PD in his building this year, check out his post here explaining his process.

Dave Meister is school administrator in Illinois and has used YT to flip his staff meeting.

Melinda Miller is a school administrator in Missouri and has also used YT to flip her staff meeting.

Sometimes, youtube clips can be used just to add some humor or lighten the mood on serious topics in staff meetings/pd. See how Curt and Jessica have used them in these posts: Good Humorous Videos for Staff Meetings More Videos to use with School Staff and Video Clips for Staff Meetings.

Teaching Tool

Sylvia Duckworth is a French teacher in Canada and uses YouTube as a fantastic teaching resource

Professional Development

YouTube is also a great way to create and share professional development opportunities for your staff. Check out this example using screencasts and YouTube to help teachers learn how to use Google Sites to communicate with parents.

The rest of these tutorial videos can be found here.

Here was a screencast on how to use google calendar to schedule the computer lab at Jessica's school: